Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 7

Well today was a little more active than yesterday!  This morning we got up and skyped with Randy's sister and mom, ate some breakfast, and waited for the sun to come up.  It rises at about 9:30 and sets at 5ish.  We decided that we were going to try the subway system!  We wanted to go to Izmailovsky Park and Market.  It is a flea market of types, where you can buy all things souvenirs. 

So we set off and the first hurdle is buying tickets.  We tried to purchase 3 2 ride passes.  Handed the lady the exact change, and she gave us 3 cards, but when we went to scan them to get through the gates, only 1 card worked.  Grrrr...  Luckily the lady down there let us through anyway.  Then we knew that we needed to take 3 different trains to get there.  Now everything is in Russian Acrylic, and we got confused at first and went the wrong direction, but it actually worked out, we just hopped another train and we still made it.  The only negative was how HOT the trains were.  I knew we were going to be out all morning so we bundled up, but on the trains we were sweating horribly. 

We made it to the market though and were walking around and I found a perfect little Russian dress for Peanut with matching hat that I had to have for her!  It is their traditional garb that they wear for ceremonies etc.  Next we were grabbed by a hat vendor, that have the traditional fur hats.  We asked for one for Camden.  The guy brought out one that fit well, and then said that he wanted 2,000 Rubles for it.  We were like No, No, No.  Then he was like name your price.  So we asked how many for 3 hats, gifts, etc.  We came down to 2,500 for 3, and I said no, 2,000, and we got them!   3 hats for the original price of 1!

Finally we found some beautiful nesting dolls, one for us, and 2 for gifts.  They lady also gave Camden a Santa figurine as a present.  So nice.  The crazy thing is, though, I have expected to get yelled at since I do not have him in a snow suit, and I haven't gotten one word yet.  Awesome!

We headed back to the apartment, stopping for some lunch.  Put Camden down for a nap, and started searching the Internet for a grocery store.  We found one two subways stops away.  So after Camden got up we were off again.  We did much better this time!  We found it, and even though their prices are still high, they were so much better than the store by us.  We were able to get hamburger, bacon, spaghetti sauce, and some snacks.  Again though the heat in the store was almost unbearable!  They need coat racks as you enter stores that you can take your coat off, so you don't melt.  We have been running the air conditioner in our apartment at night so we can sleep comfortably! 

Tomorrow we are off to Red Square, and maybe Arabat Street.  Still have some more gift to buy.  We also got to attend church tonight.  Our church does an Internet feed live, so we tuned in tonight.  It was very nice to be able to do that.  Until tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! You are brave with the subway. I was a total wimp!

    If you are open to some unsolicited advice, buy lots of extra souvenirs!!! I brought home extras to give to family members but I always want more. For xmas this year, i'm giving a little gift basket to Grace's therapists with small nesting dolls inside. I think that is a great way for them to remember her! I also copied someone else's idea and bought ornaments to give Grace each year for xmas. I still wish I bought more!!!! I have one nice nesting doll for me that no one touches, the boys each have their own and i have a couple for Grace to play with and one that is on her shelf. The pieces get misplaced so easily so if you would like your little peanut to play with one, BUY EXTRA!! We bought a bunch on Old Arbat Street and at the carts at Red Square. I know you already have so much stuff with you, but if you can fit some extras in case you have people you would like to give one to in the future. I'm still upset I didn't buy another box of the wooden xmas ornaments. Good thing you are so good at bargaining!!!!!

  2. Ya! Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time. Glad you ventured out on the subway, so fun.