Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 9, 2011

day 12

Wow, we are getting closer!  We leave for Kirov in 3 days, and come home in 8 days.  So close.  We are almost done.  Thanks for all the suggestions for gifts, we got it figured out! 
So today we ventured back to Red Square in hopes that the security and protesters were gone and we could shop the vendors there.  Success!  The security was gone and we got to shop the vendors there.  We scored some great deals!  For future PAP's coming to Moscow, don't waste your time shopping on Arbat Street.  Definitely go, but don't shop!  Everything is so much cheaper on Red Square and at Izmailovsky Park and Market.  Now some of the stores told us that they would give you a discount, but their discount was like 50 Rubles.  We talked one guy down today almost 200 rubles, and his starting prices were less than in the stores there.  Now I loved walking down Arbat Street, but not for the deals. 

I also highly recommend taking the Metro.  So many websites state that it is scary, but it is just like riding the subway in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.  The only challenge is the language, but we found a metro map and it is super easy.  Plus they are the most beautiful subway stations I have ever seen.  Marble, statues, chandeliers.  Just awesome!

After about 2 hours at Red Square we were frozen, and headed back to go eat lunch. We ate lunch and went to the apartment where Camden crashed. He has been so good the past 2 weeks it is amazing! He has always been a good little man, but all the changes, and just everything we have thrown at him have just been taken in stride.

Below are just some fun pictures that we have taken!

Need a parking spot, just park on the sidewalk!

The Ritz-Carleton, very impressive!

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Our Apartment Building!

Metro Stop, Just Beautiful!


  1. You can count the days till family day on ONE HAND. So glad you got everything figured out. Question, you said you got hats for you, Randy and Camden. Doesn't Peanut get one so the whole family can have Russian hats? We're looking forward to a new picture of the FOUR of you on the top of your blog!
    Prayers continue.

  2. Basically it's the region we're working with. I'm not sure if it will be that long, but this summer that's how long it was taking, and I assume with New Year's and Christmas it will be the same for us. Well, we leave here the 17th...so I'll wave at a plane somewhere over the ocean. :) So so excited for you guys!!

  3. I love the parking on the sidewalk! It always made me chuckle when walking around Moscow and dodging cars on your path. HAHA

    You are THIS close ... how exciting. Can't wait to see a picture of your family of FOUR!