Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 Continued

So we were picked up at 11:45 to go to the Medical Center for our 8 doctor medical exam.  When we got there we were led to a waiting room with the other single lady that was adopting who traveled with us last time.  We were called in 1 at a time.  The first doctor was the TB doctor.  I don't know if I have mentioned this before, Randy always tests postitive with the skin TB test, so he goes in every year and take a chest x-ray instead.  The doctor was not happy that he did not have the actual skin test done and he tried explaining what american doctors do in this situation.  She then suggested that he take an anti-histamine for 7 days before he takes the skin test so he can get a negative.  Again he tried explaining how it is done in America.  She then asked why he didn't take the blood test for TB.  Then he was really confused, since there is no blood test for TB, since it is a lung disease.  She then stated that TB could be in the bones, the blood, liver, etc.  Now Randy is really confused, as he is a nurse, he was was like WHAT!?!  TB is a lung disease only!  This was the TB expert!  Anyway, she signed the form, and we then waited for the next doctor. 

Next was the infectious dieseases doctor, she looked at her lab results and was happy. Done.  Next was the addiction doctor, she looked at our urine analysis, and signed away.  Next was the family doctor, she asked if we had ever had any broken bones, I stated that I had broken my elbow.  She asked me what the name if the bone was!  Randy had to tell her what the bone was called.  LOL, we then had to take off our shirts, let her listen to us breathe, and then lay on a bed, and let her feel our stomach.  Also, as a side note, there is NO privacy in these appts.  There was a Russian family adopting in the room with us, and the curtain that provided "privacy" only went to mid-chest! 

We went back to the waiting room, and was waiting for the other doctors, and Tonya, our translator, came in and told us the other doctors were too busy to come and they just signed our forms.  We had to pay our 25,000 Rubles, about $806.00 per person, and we left with our reports.  Took about 2 hours.

We left and went to go catch our train, on the way to the cafe, where we wait Camden fell asleep in the van, now this is highly unusual for this child, he NEVER sleeps in the car, he was just so exhausted that he passed out.  We got to the cafe and had about 2 hours before the train, we went in and put Camden down and he passed out on the couch.  We let him sleep about another hour while we chatted with a German couple that was going out to Kirov with us to meet their son.  About half an hour before we left I tried to wake Camden up, and it was nearly impossibe!  He was so out of it.  I finally got him up and we got on the train to Kirov.  Camden loved the train for the hour he was awake. :-)

We all slept pretty well, and we got in to Kirov about 8 am the next morning.

On a side note, I realized when we were in Moscow, that I forgot to buy a present for one of the VIP women, so Randy went on the hunt for a bottle of expensive wine for her.  Day 4 and 5 coming soon!

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  1. The whole 8 doctor medical thing seems so "other world" to me. I just couldn't wrap my head around what was going on. Just a little maze of hoop jumping, trying to say the right answers, trying to get the signatures, trying to get my clothes back on!