Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 13

So today we went to quite a few places.  First, Randy got inspired by one of our FB friends to go find the old KGB headquarters building.  It is a pretty impressive building, though not sure what it is used for in today's society. 

Next, we took the Metro to the train station, where there is a store where we were able to purchase our coordinator's presents.  We are having our friend from the states bring us some chocolates, they were on sale in the U.S. for $2.79, if we bought them here we would spend over $10 a piece for the same chocolates.  We then purchased then a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of vodka.  They are father and son, so they can trade if need be!  Randy and I have bought more alcohol in the past 2 weeks than we have in our entire lives!  Since we don't drink, we hope we are buying something they like!  We looked at the store here by us, but they were about double the price of the store we went to. 

Finally we went back to the flea market.  Izmailovsky Park and Market was much busier today than last Sunday, plus it was colder and it snowed on us all morning.  Randy finally broke down and bought his Father Christmas figurine, he found a beautiful one, and I got a replica of St. Basil's that plays music, and also two sets of Nesting dolls that have the family theme.  There is a Father, Mother, and 3 daughters.  There are not any that have sons in them.  Weird.  We then headed back towards where we are staying at and went and ate lunch.  I think the temperature dropped a few degrees when we were eating because it was so cold when we left. 

The protests are still going on over here, I guess there was a gathering of over 30,000 across the river from the Kremlin, they were suppose to meet in Red Square, but there were too many people so they moved them across the river to accommodate them.  It has been interesting to see the Russian point of view on the whole process and how Putin is annoyed at H.Clinton for asking for an inquiry of their elections.  Needless to say the local governments are not saying nice things about her. 

The Russian people, they have been very nice to us.  I have had people offer to help carry the stroller down the many endless stairs in the Metro, and though they will cut in line with the best of them, flashbacks to my education days, when there were fights for the best spot in line, but once they get on the escalators in the Metro, they stand in a single file line.  The women here are very beautiful, and very agile!  They wear 5-6 inch stilettos in the snow and ice.  Wear mini-skirts in freezing cold weather, with only tights to cover their legs.  Crazy!  They make amazing pastries and breads.  Plus they are giving us a beautiful little girl to take home with us! 

Now to leave you with some more pictures of our adventures here in Moscow.

The Former KGB Building 
 We thought this was funny, it was right by the KGB building, and if you look at the letters of the Restaurant...
 Inside another Metro Station
 The inside of the expensive grocery store right by us!  Beautiful
 Camden took this shot, had to include it!  My St. Basil's Music box
  The train station

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  1. Getting really excited for you guys!!! Can't wait until you get to bust her out of the orphanage. Can't wait to see her picture and the name you have chosen.