Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 4

We got into Kirov, and was picked up by Lena, and we went to the hotel for a quick shower, breakfast and clean clothes.  We then were off to see little miss.  Camden was so excited!  We were taken to a different room this time and we waited.  There were some toys in this room and Camden got busy playing.  About 10 minutes later little miss was brought in.  Sadly she didn't remember us at all.  So it took her most of the morning to warm up to us.  Camden played well with her though, and he shared with her, and really loved playing with her.  When it was lunch time we took her to her room, and then we were off to lunch. 

After lunch we went back  and it was a much better time this time.  She was very active, playful and really smiley.  When she laughs, he kinda does an internal giggle, not a real belly laugh or anything, but she really was expressing herself.  After about an hour and a half, Lena came in and told us to take her back to her room, so she could get dressed so we could go get her passport photo.  She also stated that we were taking 3 additional children.  So between the 3 that we were there seeing we had 3 more.  So let me tell you it was a spectacle. All of us had a child, plus Camden.  They had these babies so bundled it wasn't even funny, I have a picture of Peanut, but can't post it yet, but will.  The funny part was though when Lena came up with the Irish couple's baby, they traveled with us on Trip 1, and plopped her in his arms.  Randy has a firm policy of not holding other people's babies.  The look on his face was priceless. 

So off the the photo place.  All the babies were miserable, and drenched in sweat!  Peanut had on an undershirt, her outfit, then a sweatshirt, then her snowsuit, hat, mittens, and a scarf.  So when we took everything off, she was just wet.  All the other babies went in and got their pictures, and then it was Peanut's turn.  I took her in and put her on the stool, and she freaked out!  She started crying so hard, this was the first time we had ever seen her cry, so it was good.  I picked her up and comforted her, and tried again, the guy took her picture, but it is not pretty, she is screaming her head off!  It will be a good keepsake for when her first boyfriend comes over!

We then had to take all the babies back to the orphanage, drop them off and then back to the hotel.  Dinnerish, mostly snacks, as we were all exhausted, and sleep!

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  1. Sounds insane! They just love bundling over there in Russia.