Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 11, 2011

day 14

Sorry all, after I went to bed last night I realized that I forgot to update last night.  So here it is.  We didn't do a whole lot yesterday, we took the metro up a stop because Randy read that there were some good eating places there, since we were tired of what was around us.  So we took the train up, and since I have no directional skills I just follow Randy.  We start walking and walking and walking.  Nothing, I didn't bring the stroller this time and Camden is getting tired, finally Randy says, there's a TGIFridays!  Oh look, a McDonalds.  I look, and sadly realize that these are the TGIFridays and McDonalds right by our apartment.  We went the wrong way and were back in our neighborhood.  So sadly we went to McDonalds.  If I have to eat at McDonald's anytime soon after we get back it will be too soon.  We have not been more adventurous with our food because Camden is in that stage where he doesn't like anything, so we have stuck with the known likes. 

Last night though was fun, after dinner, we got bundled up to go see Red Square at night.  Definitely worth it.  It is very pretty at night and though very cold, it is worth it.  I highly recommend doing it.

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  1. Love it!! Do they have the ice rink set up this year right in front of st basils? We watched an ice show last year there. Beautiful!!!