Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


How sentimental are you going to be?  There are certain things of Camden's that I saved, like first outfit, first birthday outfit. But with Dasha I was curious what you have saved.  I have her Family Day outfit, but not sure what else keep.  I am purging, trying to declutter our house!  Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finally got the Question

When we are out an about we always pass the hospital where Camden was born since it sits right next to the highway.  Yesterday we were driving by and Camden yells, "That's were I was born where I came out of mom's tummy!"  I said, "yep."  Then he was quiet for a few minutes, and if you know Camden, quiet means that he is really thinking about something, the kid is ALWAYS talking.  Then he said, "Mom, Dasha wasn't in your tummy was she?"  I said, "No."  Then waited to see where he would go.

He then thought some more, "Well, who's tummy was Dasha in?"
Me: "Her birth mom's tummy."
C: "Well why didn't her birth mom keep her?"
Me: "Well Dasha was sick when she was born and her birth mom couldn't take care of her, so she decided to let us take care of her."
C: "So that's why we went to Russia?"
Me: "yep."
C: "OK!, Can we go back to Russia?  I want to stay in our apartment!"

Not too shabby for our first adoption related conversation!  Now don't get me wrong we talk about Russia all the time, but this is the first time that Camden really understood that something was really different about how Dasha joined us.

Hope you all are enjoying your Olympics, we now have two teams to cheer for!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bad blogger! Shame on Me!

No we did not drop off the face of the planet, though at times it feels like the earth is burning up it is SOOO hot outside right now!  We have kept busy and we are trying to survive this summer and praying for rain and fall so soon! 

So on to the updates!  Camden is in soccer and he loves it!  He enjoys going every week and has a blast.  The teachers are so good with all the kids and he just loves getting out there and playing!

Dasha started dance/gymnastics at the beginning of the month.  The class is divided into two parts 30 minutes dance, 30 minutes gymnastics.  The dance part is not so great, Dasha just stands there and stares, she is not a dancer, but she LOVES the gymnastics part.  She jumps into the foam pits, climbs, does her somersaults, jumping on the trampoline!  We were also able to escape down to the lake for 5 days and meet up with our adoption small group at the lake for a fun weekend together!

Also the biggest news is that last Saturday Randy finished his 1 year contract with the hospital and he was able to go per-diem and how he only works 4 days a week instead of 5!  Wahoo!!!  1 more day at home is going to be awesome!

Also I finished my first college class in almost 10 years, Algebra and I got an A!  Next semester it is Anatomy and then I can apply for my program next February!  Camden has been enjoying summer school and he got moved up to the older class as he is all caught up.  He loves his new class.  I also had a conference with Dasha's teacher for her in the fall and we got a plan laid out for her. 

Also we are starting our 6 month follow-ups on almost all our appts.  So we will be visiting the audiologist, the nephrologist, the oncologist, the dentist.  So the next month is going to be busy!

Below are the pictures from our retreat weekend with our small group.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer so far

I don't know about you all but we are in the middle of one of the worst droughts in about 30 years here.  It is so hot and dry.  We have tried to be out and about, and we did swimming lessons, played in the sprinklers, and the kids and I went to the lake.  Hope you enjoy!  The pictures of Dasha's swimming lessons were taken by Camden.  I think he did a very good job!

 Trying to eat the water!
 Camden floating
 Dasha's lessons!
 Tubing man!
 Wasn't too sure about this, but finally got a smile out of her!
 We tried skiing once..that was it.
 Birthday cake for Camden

 Really wasn't a fan!
Setting off smoke bombs for the 4th!