Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 19

We are coming home tomorrow!  Wahoo!  The whole adventure is coming to an end.  Don't worry, the blog will continue! 

So today we had our embassay interview.  Dasha woke up around 7:15, good thing she was in the room with us, as the ONLY reason we knew she was up was that she was rolling around a lot.  She is so quiet, unless she is excited and then she squeals and sings and babbles.  We have gotten her to say mama and dada, now we just got to have her connect those words to us!

So we get up and get her fed, and we start getting ready for the day.  Randy went in at 8 and woke Camden up as our ride was coming at 9:15.  I was getting Dasha's snowsuit on when I smelled it.  Yep, you guess right.  Now I get to undress her and change the lovely diaper and then get her redressed again!  We still made it outside in time for our 9:15 pick-up time.  We then went and picked up the other family and off to the embassay we went.  There were 12 families there adopting kids.  We walked right to the front of the line at security, then when Randy had to go pay for her visa he cut in front of all the Russians waiting to pay for ther visas to the US.  We then waited for our interview.  We learned that Dasha will be a dual-citizen until at least the age of 18.  Then she can renounce her citizenship or remain a dual citizen the rest of her life.

We flew through our interview, got our sealed packet and we were ready to go.  I was bummed though because when we walked outside it was raining.  Today was our St. Basil picture day.  We got back to the apartment, fed the kids and our selves, and then put them down for naps.  I tell you what, when we got our daughter, we got a super sleeper.  She does not want to be rocked to sleep, she wants you to lay her down and she sticks her thumb in her mouth and she is out.  We do our snuggle/cuddle time when she wakes up, she does not wake up easily!  Oh, yes after lunch there was another lovely diaper!

After naps we still went to St. Basil's anyway, even in the rain.  We got our shot, we are diehards!   I finally broke down and bought a beautiful Fabagre egg that has the Kremlin on the outside and when you open it, St. Basil's is on the inside.  The lady proudly told me that it was made in St. Petersburg, and then pointed to the cheaper ones and said with disgust, "China."  I just had to laugh.

Got home for dinner, pizza, and then yet again another yucky diaper.  Ugh, 3 in one day is a little more than I can handle.  I guess the new food is affecting her a little.  Hopefully she adjusts soon!

Then on to the adventure of bath #2.  I brought her in and turned on the water.  Instant water works.  She wasn't even in the tub yet.  She cried and cried, and even shrieked once, but Randy came in and held her hand and she instantly stopped crying.  So nice, I got her all scrubbed up, and got her out and instant smile again!  Crazy little girl.

Right now both kids are sound asleep and we are packing, so for a few days we leave you with a picture of our whole family in front of St. Basil's!


  1. Great picture! I would be very careful what you feed her tomorrow since you will be traveling. Grace had a lot of stomach issues too. The worst one came right during our descend into JFK. 30 minutes of not being able to get up to change her diaper. Everyone around us was suffering :)
    Safe travels!!!

  2. I doubt that the Baby Home had the staff to rock kids to sleep or to give them fun splashy baths so she had to learn to sooth herself and probably doesn't have much experience with fun bath time. But she's yours so she has lots of cuddling and fun times ahead. Sorry bout the rain but good for you for getting the picture. We're praying for a safe and trouble free return home.

  3. Yay!! What a great picture! Have a safe journey home!

  4. Prayers for safe and smooth travels home!

  5. Oh the diapers! Brings back memories! It was weeks before Andrei's was what I called "normal." (That's all relative isn't it!) Praying for safe travels home!

  6. Great picture! So glad you risked the rain to capture it. You will treasure it forever! Best wishes for safe travels home.