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Our Family

Thursday, April 29, 2010


"The head of the American delegation Michael Kirby, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for consular affairs, said the meeting had been "fruitful". "We agree we want to do the best for the children…," he said. But the main document is still not ready. Russia’s children’s ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said that the document will be finished and handed to the US side shortly. Russia plans to include 8 new amendments to the agreement. According to Astakhov, the US delegation will stay in Moscow for another couple of days and continue to form a working group. Both Russians and Americans are ready for this, Astakhov said: "The US party has shown their readiness to continue negotiations and sign the bilateral agreement on adoption. Now it is important to work out this document as soon as possible. The US side understands the delay and Michael Kirby said we are on one side. "

Earlier Astakhov said the Russian side presented all the document’s provisions to the US . They are based on the Hague Adoption Convention which was not ratified by Russia.The main talks on adoption are due on May 12. All the needed documents will be ready by that time.
Report from Dmitry Borisov

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