Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apostille's Done!

They are done. Unforunately we live in a state that does not have a cap on their Apostille's. Kansas is broke, so every penny they can get from us they do! So we have the 120 mile trip to Topeka and back round trip, the $2.50 toll each way, and $232.50 check we wrote to the wonderful Secretary of State for less than 30 minutes of work for them, and of course plugging my meter, and I guess I just stimulated Kansas' economy by almost $300. Now mind you I own a suburban and get 14 miles to the gallon.

We will be making all our copies tonight and then tomorrow we are overnighting our package to Indiana!!! BTW Camden was awesome, he is such a good little guy, he sat and colored and ate a snack while we waited and he is a great car rider. Though he is a horrible napper in the car.

Also, if you could keep in your prayers, the U.S. Delagation is meeting with Russian officials on April 29th and 30th to discuss an adoption agreement between the two countries, so praying things are going to go well.

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