Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

As all of you probably know, Randy and I are holding a garage sale May 21-22 in order to raise funds for our adoption. We sent out letters to friends and family to ask for donations of items for stuff to sell. We the response has been amazing. We have so much stuff already it is insane. To top it off we got a call from a friend who told some family friends about us and they passed on some estate items from a deceased relative. It filled a 26 ft. moving truck!!!!! We are so amazed at the kindness that these people showed us. It is going to help us out so much that I just know we are going to break garage sale records!!!

Many of you are probably wondering about the possible suspension in Russia. Right now adoptions are still happening and the U.S. delegation is suppose to be on their way over there right now, but a crazy volcano in Iceland decided to erupt which has canceled over 16,000 flights to Europe. So the talks are on hold, and unfortunately for those who were suppose to have court dates this week are also on hold because they can't get over there! Pray that the ash cloud breaks up quickly so flights can resume to Europe ASAP!!!

Randy, Denise, and Camden


  1. That is fabulous if you could email me at moon-babies@hotmail.com.I could arrange to make you something im an artist that paints lifelike dolls and other mixed media and as a random act of kindness would love to make you something you could sell to supply you with funds..I also am looking for a baby home(in russia) to donate handmade dolls and quilts too if you could help me find one id be appreciative..huggs from canada..nicole