Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


They say that in adoption waiting is the worst part. Even though we are barely two months into this, I have to agree. I am not a patient person, and I hate waiting. I am the person who will change lines 3 times in Wal-Mart just to get through the line faster. I still always chose the wrong line though. :-) Since we have our homestudy done, now all we are doing is waiting for them to send us the rough draft, so that we can approve it, and then have it sent to our agency so that they can approve it. Then we can send it in to be with our I-600A application that hopefully is not lost with the USCIS. I mailed that two weeks ago and they received it 1 week ago. I do have a new task ahead of me though. A garage sale. I was researching ways to raise money for our adoption without actually asking people for money, and I came across the idea of have a large donation garage sale. Well I have sent out the letters and so far the response has been great. I believe we are going to have a wonderful turn-out. If you live in KC we will be having our garage sale May 21-22nd. Stop on by.

God is teaching me patience through this time. He always teaches me and then rewards me afterwards. I know that beautiful little girl at the end of our adoption journey is going to be my reward, just like Camden was my reward after a long frustrating pregnancy.

For now,
Randy, Denise, and Camden

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