Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Study Done!!!!

Yeah, it was painless! We had a very easy going social worker and our house was very ready for "inspection." We were done in under an hour! All that cleaning for such a short period of time. Oh well, it needed a deep cleaning anyway. I am glad to have that hurdle done. Now on for typing and submitting to our international agency and then we are done. We can then send it in for our I-600A application and we can start applying for grants! Please pray that we receive some grants, otherwise I will never see my husband as he will be working 5 jobs in order for us to fund our adoption! Just kidding about the 5 jobs thing. On a personal note, I applied for a position at our church, we would be very blessed if I got it. Thanks for your support.

Randy, Denise, and Camden

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  1. hi, I went through OB with Randy and am excited to see how your adoption process turns out! Congrats on the home inspection!!!!