Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today I decided last minute to load the kids up and head down to the court house in Johnson County to file for the re adoption.  We went in and found the Probate office and I told the clerk what I wanted to do, and she said I need her passport, adoption certificate, and birth certificate and the court order.  So glad she knew what I wanted to do.  It took her about 20 minutes to prepare and certify everything, gave me everything back in a envelope to mail to Topeka and it only cost me $36.  The Birth Certificates are going to cost $30, and that gets you an amended birth certificate and a certified copy of their birth certificate.  So a total of $66 to get a Kansas Birth Certificate.  The kids were pretty good during the wait and the clerk gave them some smarties which they enjoyed!  One more thing down and all I have left is to get her U.S. Passport.  We got Dasha's registration back 2 weeks ago and we got our deposit back last week for the registration, which was nice.

*Edit: I forgot to state that you have to print off the Report of Adoption form from the Kansas State Vital Statistics page and fill that out also.  But overall very easy process!


  1. I hope I remember how to find this post when that time comes. :) Glad to hear about all of Dasha's clean test results!