Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CAT Scan

Today was Dasha's CAT scan, so I got to get up early and Dasha also, we are 8 am sleepers!  I had to have her fed by 7 am so that she would have an empty stomach during her scan so the sedation didn't make her sick.  We left for the hospital at 10 and got to Children's Mercy at 10:30 and got right in.  They went ahead and did her chest x-rays and then we went to the CT waiting room.  There she had an hour and 20 minutes to drink the contrast.  It smelled fruity, and they said it didn't taste bad, but if she didn't drink it, the only other option was a tube up her nose.  Needless to say I was practically pouring it down her throat by the end of our hour and 20 minute deadline. She hated every drop of it, but I know she would of hated the tube down her nose even worse!  We then had to wait an hour after she finished her contrast so she really played well in the tiny waiting room we were in. 

We finally got called back at 1, now mind you, by this time on a normal day Dasha has already had a snack and a large lunch so she is doing extremely well.  She did see a picture of some food on a magazine and was signing "eat" to us but no fits.  They take us to a room, get her pulse ox. her blood pressure, and then put some numbing cream on her arm for the I.V.  After about 15 minutes they came in to do the I.V.  I let Randy do all that stuff so she cried but didn't throw a fit, and then they taped her arm on a little board thing so she couldn't bend her arm.  She didn't like that! 

Dasha's I.V.

Then the interesting thing happened.  They asked if I could get her to go to sleep so they wouldn't have to sedate her, so I was like, I will try but no guarantees.  By now it is almost 2 well past her nap time so I snuggled her up next to me and held her tightly so she would quit squirming, we don't rock to sleep at home, and within 5 minutes she was asleep!  The nurse came in and took her and she woke up, but was still very groggy.  They took her, we weren't allowed to go and they said they would see how it goes.  Maybe sedation, maybe not.  10 minutes later they were back, she laid there perfectly still so NO sedation was needed!  They were super impressed, so were we!  They gave her some juice and some crackers and she SCARFED them down, she was so hungry!  We were out of there probably an hour before we would of if she would of been sedated!  So we went back to the car where I fed her lunch on the way home, and relieved my mom who came up from Wichita to watch Camden for us. 

We get the results of her scan on Thursday, so just praying for a normal scan and after that we are done with doctors for the next few months!  Wahoo!

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