Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oncologist Referral

So as I stated in a previous post, the kidney specialist wanted us to go see an oncologist since Dasha did not have any formal cancer treatment after her tumor removal.  So our Pediatrician set up a referral with a pediatric oncologist.  They want to do a CAT scan and a chest X-Ray just to make sure there are no little bad cells hanging out anywhere.  Now mind you, all her blood work came back clean, her ultrasound came back clean, she is very healthy.  Just being overly cautious. 

Now to do the CAT scan and chest X-Ray you have to be perfectly still, not going to happen with a 22 month old.  So Dasha gets to be sedated.  That should be interesting.  The CAT scan is set for Feb. 21st.  Randy is suppose to work at the fire station that day, but we will just get someone to cover for him that day.  The other negative, her scan is set for 1 pm.  She can't eat after 7 am that morning.  That is going to be rough for her, she LOVES to eat!

Other than that, life continues as normal.  Dasha is adjusting well, and the kids fight like siblings, and life is pretty good.

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  1. bummer that they had to schedule it for the afternoon! So much easier on the kids to do them first thing in the morning so they aren't starving all day! Good luck!