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Our Family

Friday, February 24, 2012

Infant and Toddlers

I finally was able to get Dasha evaluated through Infant and Toddlers.  After 3 previous cancellations, 1 on our part, 2 on theirs, we got it done.  And she doesn't qualify.  She is a little behind in certain things, but only by a month, whereas to qualify you have to be more than 4 months behind developmentally. So I guess this is almost a positive in my eyes, as we have been so insanely busy these past few weeks, I really don't think I could schedule another thing in right now. 

Now my focus is moving towards Camden.  Now if BM's gross you out do not read on.....fair warning.  So Camden has had major bathroom issues since he was about 2, before potty training.  He usually goes at least 3 days between BM's.  It only got worse with potty training.  After a while we got better, occasionally having to use a laxative to get him to go, but when we traveled to Russia he went 8 days without a BM.  I was about ready to take him to a hospital in Russia when the deed finally happened.  It got better when we got home, but now it is getting worse again.  We went to the pediatrician this morning and we are going to clean him out, and do a regiment of laxatives and then slowly wean him off and see if that helps the problem, it will probably take about 3-4 months, if that doesn't improve the situation we will get referred to a G.I. specialist.  I really hope it gets solved soon, it is painful to see you child cry in pain just to go to the bathroom. 

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  1. I hear ya 100% on the BM's! When we potty trained my oldest he had the same issue, would go DAYS without pooping and then when he would it would be soooo painful for him, we'd all end up crying. We had to put him on Miralax daily. We visited the GI people and they said it was totally normal for this to happen, and it tends to happen when potty training because for a toddler, it's just about the only thing they can control. You can't "make" them poop! 5 years later we are finally off the Miralax! Insane I know! fyi if the doctor is willing too, have him write you a prescription for Miralax. I know it's over the counter, but it is about 75% cheaper through a script and you get MORE! Good luck with it!