Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dentist Appt.

This appt. went just about as well as I thought it would.  We waited forever, they were crazily overbooked.  So Dasha was extremely restless by the time we got called back.  They took us to a private room since she was so little, and they figured that she may cry.  The dental asst. got out the latex gloves and Dasha saw them and instant tears.  I put her on my lap and she stopped.  The same thing happened at the Nephrologist appt.  the minute the gloves come out she tears up.  There has to be some negative memory concerning those gloves.  So then the dentist came in and he put ON the gloves, then more tears.  They had her sit on my lap in the chair, and he did get her to open so he can look.  Not too hard to do though when she is crying her heart out.  He did a quick exam, and stated that her teeth look good, no cavities, so that is good.  They gave her a balloon and a toothbrush and she was in HOG HEAVEN after that.  They want us to come back in 6 months to try to do a cleaning.  So hopefully she will lose those bad memories by then!

We also went to the courthouse to try to apply for Dasha's re adoption.  We live in the poorest county in KS, and only live there out of obligation.  They county has a residency requirement for city employees.  Over half of Wyandotte Co. lives below the poverty line, so foreign adoption is not very common in our county.  So they told us that we had to go hire an attorney etc.  File all kinds of forms etc. and this was straight from the judges mouth who should know the law concerning re adoption.   I told them that the state website says that it is a 1 page form.  They stated that the state was wrong!  So we left and contacted the state, they told us to go to the Johnson Co. Courthouse and that the Wyandotte Co. people had no clue what they were talking about.  So we called Johnson Co. the richest county in the state, just south of us, and they said, yep, this is what you need, a one page form, the fee is $36.  Only hitch is we need her passport and Dasha's is still out for her registration.  So we need that back before we can apply for her new birth certificate.

In other news, her hair is looking SO much better.  We went to see a friend last night and they had seen Dasha before we got her hair cut, and they were so impressed with how much better her hair was.  She is adding more and more words.  Still mostly on her terms.  She seems to be attaching well.  She will not go to people that she doesn't know.  She will instead run and cling to my legs.  She still gets very quiet in new situations, but is doing well.  Sleeping at night and during nap time is also going well.


  1. Wow! We have been home a year and haven't
    -been to the dentist
    -even thought about re-adoption
    -gotten a US passport

    Way to go!

  2. Love the updates of how Dasha is adjusting and how it's all going! So glad everything is going well for you all!!! Also, I wanted to ask you a question about the apartment you rented in Moscow! Randy & I are looking into a couple for our final trip and wanted your advice/expertise! Can you email me at maura198@gmail.com? Thanks!!! : )