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Our Family

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Russian Ban

Yesterday Putin signed a bill banning American families from adopting Russian children.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Over the last 20 years over 60,000 children have been adopted from Russia and have had new lives here in America.  Of those 60,000 19 have died in the custody of American parents.  When the U.S. signed a new law last week blacklisting certain high ranking officials from doing business and owning property and bank accounts in the U.S. if they are believed to be violating human rights.  In retaliation the Russian government struck back and are not punishing the U.S. government, they are hurting their own children and American families.  They claim that the U.S. is not a safe place for their children because of the 19 deaths mention before.  While it is 19 too many, there were 59,981 successful adoptions with no problems in over 20 years. 

In my new crusade to be more forward I contacted the news media about doing a story about the ban, with NO intention of being interviewed, but when they asked, I said yes, literally threw all the junk and clutter in my dining room and prayed that they would NOT look in that room.  As I have said we have been slowly remodeling our house and we only have two rooms left, but I still get pretty embarrassed by those two rooms!  They are hideous.  But here are the links for the story, if you would like to watch.


I like how they titled it!  It ANGERS me! :-)  Oh, and I said that one day we would LIKE to go back and adopt, but they made it seems like we were going tomorrow.

In all seriousness though, they are only hurting the children, As I mentioned in the interview, Dasha would not of been adopted in Russia.  Simple as that, she would of aged out at 16 and I can only imagine the horrors of how her life would be after that.....


  1. Hey Girl!! You were the lead story!! Awesome! So proud of you letting your voice be heard. I'm seriously stunned by the news that Putin actually signed it. In my email I had an update that any families in Russia who were ready to get their I1600 forms by Dec. 29 needed to contact the Moscow Embassy as the US Consolate was setting up a special office to process visas and passports all in one day. I can't imagine what these families are going through. So glad you guys are doing well. Have a wonderful new year!

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