Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Troll

Yes, I am talking to you Ms./Mr. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  I know a little bit about computers and you may not of noticed that I installed a live traffic feeder on the side of my blog that shows the location of every visitor.  I have heard about you for quite some time and now that I have been trolled guess what, I am still pro-Russian adoption.  I am still pro-Putin is an idiot.  Just because you leave mean nasty comments is not going to change my heart or my opinions.  It just makes me sad for you that you feel that you need to "troll" people's blogs and try to hurt them.  I don't know what ever happened to you to cause you to feel you need to be mean and nasty but it seriously needs to stop. 

There are lots of stories out there about you, that you adopted a Russian child, that your child is severely ill, I honestly don't know.  BUT just know I will pray for you, because as a Christ-follower that is my job.  I pray for lots of people I don't care for or like.  You are one of them.  Just know that every nasty comment immediately goes to my email and I can delete the comment in about 60 seconds.  So no one is going to read your nastiness.  Have a great day.

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