Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Day

This is the big one!  It is family day!  One year ago today we busted Dasha out of the orphanage, went to the hotel for about 30 minutes, and then caught the train.  We were not able to share our initial post until the 15th because of our schedule, but the 14th is Family Day.   My how she has changed in the past year.  Below I posted a photo of Dasha in the same dress, on the same day exactly 1 year apart.  I think she has grown just a little bit!
Below is the video that we shared to announce Dasha to the world.  If you missed it before, please enjoy.

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  1. Such a beautiful video! Looks like you had great visits with her... so pleasant! I forgot about the mullet :) Gotta love those Russian haircuts!