Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Program

Friday Dec. 14th was the kids first Christmas program at their preschool.  Camden didn't get to do his program last year because we were in Russia at the time.  Camden, who has been thriving this year, got to be a wise man in their play.  He actually got a big part because he got to travel across the church. I totally admire his teachers because the put together a play with over 40 4-5 year olds, complete with parents making costumes.  Since I don't have a creative bone in my body, I ordered Camden's costume off of Amazon!!! 

Dasha's class also got up there and performed the fastest 3 songs I have ever seen!  It was one of those blink and you miss it type of things, but hey they are 2 year olds.  The little girl next to her blew zerberts the whole time!  Dasha was most definitely the cutest one up there with the best dress!

 All ready for the program
 The cutest wise man ever!

 The kid of the left was having some major costume malfunctions, Camden was the only one who remembered to bow.

 The speaker is in the way, but definitely the cutest one up there.
 Evidence of zerberts in action!
Watching zerbert girl getting told No!


  1. SO cute! I love Dasha's dress! Having two boys...you look at the little dresses in a different...longing sort of way. ;)

  2. Cute Cute CUte!! I love watching the little ones do their programs. Always funny!!

  3. Love her dress!!!! Congrats to Camden on such an important role!!! I have a feeling we would have been parents of zerbert girl if we made it to Grace's concert!! :) Merry Christmas!