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Our Family

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oncologist Appt.

Today was Dasha's 2nd oncologist appt.  We have to go every 3 months for a year and then once a year after that.  Dasha had to have an ultrasound first, but she had to fast before the ultrasound.  No food or drink after 8 am.  Her ultrasound was scheduled for noon.  We got in a little early and we went back to the room.  I have been pretty good about warning people of Dasha's fear of the latex gloves that they wear, but the Ultrasound technician was faster than I was.  Dasha saw the gloves and it was all over.  She freaked.  I wish I knew what it is about them, what they did at the orphanage that made her fear the gloves, because she has had a fear of them since we went to Minnesota, her first dr. appt. with us, she has a memory of them.

Anyway she cried the whole ultrasound but it went well, and we went and got some lunch.  She scarfed her food down.  We had about 45 minutes before our appt. with the oncologist so we went back to the car and I put a movie in for her.  Love the DVD player in our new car!  We then went back in the hospital and got checked in and they weighed her, checked her height, head circumference, bp, and temp.

We went back and the nurse not knowing Dasha's history at all, said that they needed a blood sample and asked where her pic line was, stomach or chest.  I blinked a moment and was like, oh, she doesn't have one.  It is very unusual to take a healthy child to an oncology clinic after all!  So they got the blood the old natural way.  We sang the bible song as she softly cried through the whole thing.  The nurses laughed as Dasha yelled BIBLE at the end of the song, as she is crying! 

Her oncologist came in and stated that her ultrasound is great, no tumors, no masses.  Clean scan.  And asked if I had any other concerns, I pointed out a bulge in her incision that has become more prominent as she has gained weight.  He poked around on it and confirmed what we thought, hernia.  He said that we was going to send an email to the surgeon to see if he would like to see her and examine it.  Most likely he will.  So we might be getting it fixed, or it might not be severe enough to fix.  If they do fix it I think I will ask them to fix her umbilical hernia at the same time.  Rather have only one surgery rather than two. 

We had to leave a potty sample and then we were all done.  I also asked about the constant pottying that she does, and he said that most likely it is just her, and to wait on the potty training when she can understand a little bit more.  A long day, but overall very good. 

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the potty thing right now. She's had sooo many changes in the last year that she may just need a little more time. My guess is that once she starts preschool, she will copy the other kids and the potty training will go much faster.