Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, it was just the kids and I, but we still had a great day.  I got a great idea to make our gifts for the Grandma's.  I got the idea off of Pinterest.  While mine don't look as good at the example, I think it still came out pretty good!  See the original here!  Camden's turned out a little better than Dasha's because she was fighting me the whole time because she did NOT like the paint on her feet, so she was not happy about me using her feet as paintbrushes!  The antenna are their thumbprints which she did much better on.  See ours below!

The kids did take me out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and they insisted that daddy pay, so I did not argue!  :-)

We have had a lot of wildlife in our backyard as of late, we had a pair of robins build a nest in our play house, so we have gotten to see that progress every day.  Camden is in love with it, I think he will be sad when the babies fly away.  We also have a rabbit that Dasha is obsessed with!  This is her after she chased it to the fence trying to get it to come back!  You can see the rabbit in the background.  Now if the rabbit would actually come back she would LOSE it, she is still terrified of animals, but she is getting better.  Which is good as we are looking at getting Camden a dog for his birthday!