Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6 month Post Placement visit

On Monday we had our 6 month post placement visit.  Can't believe we are already at that point, it is insane!   Unfortunately on Monday I was not feeling the greatest.  We had about 5 inches of rain on Sunday and it really stirred up issues with my allergies.  I was at the point I couldn't even stand up because of so much pressure in my head.  I really need to go get allergy tested so I can switch to shots.  Anyway I took an Allegra and went about trying to clean, while blowing my nose every 2 minutes getting ready.  Meanwhile Randy was installing the bathroom faucets in our master bath and also needed to go up in the attic to attach the vent to the exhaust fan in the bathroom.  None of the 3 bathrooms had vent fans in them, it was no wonder we had so many moisture and mold issues in the two upstairs baths.  The access to the attic though is in Dasha's room, but you have to empty the closet to get up there, so I was like, it's okay, the social worker isn't going to look at the house, no biggie.

Well after 6 hours I knew I needed more medicine and took another Allegra against the label advice, and laid down for an hour while Dasha napped, and finally was feeling better, not normal, but better.  We were able to get the faucets installed, but was not able to get Dasha's room back together before the social worker came. 

She came over and did the update, though I was surprised she asked what goals I had in mind for her, wasn't prepared for that one.  My answer was language!  Then she was done and said, "Ok, I just need to see her room and the bathroom that you are remodeling", my heart sank.  I quickly explained what was going on and she was understanding!  Overall the visit took 45 minutes, and cost $300!  Oh well, now all I have to do is wait to get the report and go to Topeka and get it Apostilled and to California by the 29th of this month. 

1 report down, 3 to go, unless Russia changes their minds and adds more reports in the future.


  1. It will go faster than you think right now! I'm still amazed that we finished our last post placement over a year ago!!!

  2. Yeah! Congrats! Hope you are feeling better. This weather has been crazy and with my allergies I get bronchitis twice a year...so fighting that now! Z was telling me all about his field trip today and riding with E&M's mom. I really need to meet her! :) Have a good rest of the week.

  3. If I were the social worker, I would rather see Dasha in a normal household where things happen than in one that is picture perfect. She needs to grow up able to cope when things aren't perfect and to see her parents accomplishing things - even when they're sick.
    Y'all did good.