Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Omaha Zoo

Back when we were adopting we signed up for a Marriott rewards card to get two free nights to use while we were in Moscow for our Embassy appt.  But because we had such a short turn around between trips we were not able to use the rewards that we had been given.  We used one night when we went to Minneapolis for Dasha's I.A. doctor's appt.  Well we also earned another "free" night in addition to these nights, and it was set to expire on May 20th.  So Randy and I decided to rearrange his work schedule so that we could get two days back to back that he had off, and we headed up to Omaha to go to the zoo.  We went with some friends of our that hadn't met Dasha yet, and we had a blast, though it was HOT.  I do have to say that I have never been to Omaha before and it is a very pretty, clean city.  We also got to enjoy a heated indoor pool the first night and man Dasha is a fish!  She is jumping in, going under water and it does not phase her in the slightest.  Hard to believe 5 months ago she was terrified of the water.  What strides we have made.

 They have a wonderful aquarium at the zoo

 Both kids loved the "underwater" tunnel!
 Dasha checking out the sharks!

 Riding the skifari!


  1. Sounds fun! I love aquariums! Dasha is really a cutie!!!

  2. So glad you guys got to take a mini-vacation. I know with Randy's work schedule family time is at a premium so it's great to see all of you having fun. You are blessed with two precious kids.