Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you...

For everyone's comments and prayers.  I was having just a really horrible day!  Those days are the days that I know Satan just attacks me and goes after my heart and I get the selfish ME ME ME going.  I think I am going to try Sarah's advice and not read any blogs for awhile, while I will update my own, I am going to just try to enjoy our summer together before the school year starts back up again.  Our coordinator is suppose to be back in the office on June 27th and I figure I will give her two days to read her 1 billion emails that I am sure that she will have after being gone 5 weeks, and then I am going to start annoying her! :-)  Maybe she will just get so sick of me that she will call Russia and BEG them to give us a referral! 

LOL, if only it was that simple.  Our summer fun should begin on Thursday, we are picking up Randy's brother, whom he hasn't seen in over 2 years, from the airport and we are headed to the lake for a long weekend, and I also get to go to my beautiful friend Kym's wedding down in Arkansas.  Kym went to Africa shortly after I got married 4 years ago, and I got to see her briefly after she got back last September as she was driving through.  So excited that I get to go to her wedding.  It all worked out beautifully!

We are also going to celebrate Camden's 3rd birthday this weekend.  Even though his birthday is not until the 26th, this is the only time that all the family will be together before his birthday.  We did not plan a huge party this year, because we were hoping to be in Russia, just coming back, or getting ready to go, but it will be great all the same.  Next year when he turns 4 he gets a monster party!  Have a great week everyone!

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