Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well we got our amended I-171H in the mail today with our new fingerprint information and our amended information raising our age range to 3 to accommodate siblings.  The only flaw is that they did not give us our extension.  I filed for it so that we would not have to get a new copy of our homestudy, it has to be dated within 6 months, which we MIGHT squeak by on that one by like 2 weeks.  We received an email last week that they were approving our fingerprints again, and amending it, but we were not allowed to file for our extension until it is 90 days from expiring.  I filed for everything at once to save 1. on time, and 2. on Apostilling.  We have to get each one apostilled so I was hoping to save myself $10.00.  Oh well, that is the least of our worries now.  Maybe we won't need to file for the extension??  P.S. I scanned the pink sheet that they send with the form and no where on there says that you have to wait until you are 90 days away from the expiration of the form to apply for the extension.  I think it is silly that our fingerprints expire after 15 months, and our form 18 months.  A lot of extra work on both sides.

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