Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Man!

 Our First Family Photo
 Newborn Photos
 Birth Announcement Photo
 6 Month Photo, it is priceless!
 1 year photo
 Just taking a snooze, home from the hospital 1 day
Oh, it's suppose to go in my mouth?!?

Just a few pictures of my little miracle man early on in life.  Today he turns 3, I can hardly believe it!


  1. Happy birthday, Camden! Hope it was a great day.

    (Completely unrelated, does Camden have eczema on his cheeks in that last picture? I ask because Liam does and I've had no luck getting it to disappear but I haven't noticed it in Camden's other pictures. )

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! He was a precious (and still is:) baby!!!

  3. happy birthday Camden!!!! He's a cutie!