Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 14, 2011

What did you do today?

Well today I....
Took Camden to school, then I went to the Psychologist's office to take my personality test, took the 567 T/F test and I just had to laugh at question #496 Are you stressed right now?  Ummmm, YES!!!  TRUE!!!  But it only took me 1.5 hours to do it.

Left there went to the Credit Union withdrew the $$ for the plane tickets and the visas.  Went to our bank deposited that money, and then ordered our money for our trip.  Meanwhile Randy was at work today he reserved our apartment in Moscow, and booked our flights.  We found a guy who lived in Moscow for 20 years and has about 20 flats that he rents out, he is going to accommodate us for all 12 nights we need in Moscow. 1 night for our medicals, 9 nights later for the 10 day wait, and then 2 nights for the Embassy visit.  He is giving us an adoption discount and we don't have to pay the 18% tax that all the hotels charge.

Anyway, after the bank, I went home and started the visa applications, got Randy's done in time to go get Camden, we then stopped by the fire station and had Randy sign his application.  We then went home and I filled out Camden and my application.  Loaded the boy up and we went to FedEx.  I tried setting up an account, but it wouldn't let me print off any labels.  So I went to the store to see if they could help, and of course they said no, so they charged me their new "holiday" rate which was quite a bit more than what I paid last time.  Now I was adding Camden's passport and application so I knew I would pay a little more, but wow, that was a big mark-up! 

So we leave November 28th. Arrive in Moscow the 29th.  Our 8 doctor medicals on the 30th.  Overnight train to Kirov, arrive on the 1st.  Visit Peanut the first, Court on the 2nd.  Overnight train back to Moscow on the 2nd.  There is NOTHING to do in Kirov.  Up until about a year ago, foreigners were not allowed to stay in Kirov overnight, so the 10 day waiting period was always waived.  After Torry Hansen, they started enforcing the 10 day wait, so they changed the laws concerning foreigners, but the city is NOT English friendly.  We also can't visit Peanut during that time. 

So then we wait out the 10 days in Moscow, then overnight train to Kirov on Dec. 12th.  Visit on the 13th, and pick-up on the 14th.  Overnight train again on the 14th, Peanut medical on the 15th, Embassy on the 16th, and home on the 17th!  3 weeks!  Wahoo, I love our new agency!

Tomorrow, Randy is taking his personality test, I am taking Camden's doctor her paperwork to fill out, we are going to the police station to get our Police Clearance, and I have to go pick up a form from our home study agency that got lost somewhere between KC, California, and Russia.  Busy days all week this week!  Hopefully we will be done on Friday!


  1. This is so exciting!!! That stinks that you are there for the 10 day wait and can't visit the baby. Oh well, you get to sight see :)

    How the heck are you Christmas shopping ??? You'll be online shopping from Moscow :)

  2. Oh my! I'm tired just reading about your day! I am amazed at your quick court date! So awesome! Shelly

  3. Wow...and home for Christmas! What a God given miracle! So excited for you all!!

  4. Wow! I am so excited for you! What an amazing journey! I have been following your blog over the past couple of weeks. We are just starting the paperwork process to adopt a little girl in Russia. I wish the best for you in your next trip!