Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And I though yesterday was bad

Wow, today was 3 times worse.  Randy left first thing this morning to go to the psychologist's office to take his test.  He took my car since we don't drive his truck except for him to go to work and back.  About 20 minutes after he left the lady from the Visa office called and said that since Camden was a minor we needed to fax her a copy of his birth certificate.  Camden and I were still in our pj's, so we quickly changed, put the spare car seat in Randy's truck, and took off to the grocery store to send the fax.  Meanwhile Randy finished, went to the home study agency and picked up our lost document, and then to the Pediatrician's office to drop off Camden's paperwork.

When he got home he said that we were going to have problems with the PD clearance.  He called and told them what we needed, and they said nope they can't do it that way.  All they do is run a report, but what we needed was the results written in a letter form and notarized.  So he called the legal department and of course they were at lunch.  So we went to run a few more errands, then went to legal.  We told her what we needed, and she was like no problem, I will send the form to the captain of records, head on over and they will have it done.  We stopped by the fire department to get Randy's employment verification, then to the PD we went.  2 hours later we left!  It was insane, it took soooo long!  The bad thing was, they brought the forms out and they had my birthday wrong, and they misspelled City in Kansas City on both forms, so all of them had to be redone!  We left right before 5, right before they closed.  I can't wait for the rush rush to be done.  But we are almost done with the difficult stuff.  I have my doctor appt. tomorrow, so we are on the home stretch.  Can't believe it is all falling into place!

I hope tomorrow is a lot calmer!  On a positive note, our small group that we are involved in have made us dinner this week, it has been so nice to not have to worry about cooking meals, especially when we get home right at dinner time!


  1. So glad to hear things are moving quickly and smoothly. We've been having problems with the local PD, too. We found the JoCo Sherrif's office does all the police clearances for the area in notarized letter format. I'll need to send you an email with questions and contacts for when that time comes. Best of luck as you continue through the rush!

  2. Praise God for friends who understand that MEALS HELP! I'm praying for things to go smoothly for the next six weeks. By then it will be Peanut's first Christmas in the US with her forever family.