Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Divorce from Agency A

There had been so much stress from trying to get all our court documents done that I completely forgot to tell about divorcing Agency A.

I had all these scenarios in my head on how it would go, and it did not happen at ALL how I imagined.  I called them and asked to speak with the director, and of course he was not in the office, and so I asked to speak with our coordinator.  Guess what, she was gone also.  Just confirms our decision to not use them.  So I was transferred to our coordinators voicemail.  I left a very nice message saying that they are not the agency for us, and they can't help us anymore, and I asked if they would mail us our receipts.  I also stated how disappointed in them that they stuck us in a region that refuses to give out referrals. 

Didn't hear back all that day, but the next, I got an email from the coordinator stating that she didn't know if she could give us any receipts, as no one had ever asked for them before who had left the program, and would have to ask permission.  About 20 minutes later, I got another email with the receipts, no goodbye, no sorry we dropped the ball, just here are your receipts.

Later on that day I got an email from the director saying that he was sorry we were leaving, but then said that if he was in our shoes, he would of probably of done the same thing!  Wow, even he does not have confidence in his own agency.  I also posted a message on the agency yahoo message board, saying we were leaving and if anyone had questions they could email us.  About an hour later, we were removed from the yahoo group, probably the agency.

I did get a few emails, and I told them our story, and gave them Agency B's information.  Hopefully they get some good info.  So needless to say, I didn't "stick it" to them like I wanted to, but it was probably better this way.

On a positive note, we got our new washer and dryer installed today, and I am already doing laundry!  LOVE THEM!!! 


  1. oooo they are beautiful!

    So happy you're done with A!!

  2. Hi Denise and Randy,

    I have been following your blog for some time and am so excited for the two of you. I look forward to seeing pictures of Peanut! My husband and I are just starting our journey and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about your agency experience especially after reading your posting tonight. I think your Agency A is one we were considering! I am not sure of the rules for using names but love to talk with you when you get a chance! My email is listed below. We will be thinking of you as you leave tomorrow and pray all will go smoothly!

    Mark and Tricia

  3. Good thing you switched! Would you be able to email both agencies? We have friends who are just starting to think about international adoption and I would like to either recommend or discourage certain agencies. I did tell them your story and how fast things went with the new agency. That part of your story really gives people hope!

  4. Denise...Gorgeous washer/dryer set! :)
    I have a lot of local "how did you do it" questions, but will wait until you are home or in the waiting period to ask since things are so crazy now! I can't believe you head over tomorrow! Congrats again on such a fast second trip. Also, when you get a moment, would you please email me A & B? I'm simply curious...our agency has been great with the exception of a few "I wish we would've known" instances. Take care a safe travels! reeves at jkreeves dot com