Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 14, 2011

What's been going on....

Well for the past week, I have been potty training Camden.  Now this is an adventure that we have tried many times before.  All ending in disaster and Camden getting his way and the diapers back on.  One time I even made it 8 days before I caved in.  This time is different though, the advantage I have this time is.....


Oh yes, my son LOVES hot wheels.  He went with us to the store last week and we picked out 15 new hot wheels, or should I say my husband did.  Because we have to get cars that look "realistic." Boy did he ever want those cars!  So off on day 1, we put all the cars in the bathroom, and we had 1 success, though horribly dramatic, screaming the whole time.  The next day we went back to our old habit, holding it for hours.  8 hours to be exact, and somehow we did not have an accident though.  By Wednesday, he was starting to realize hey if I just sit down and go, I get a car.  By Thursday we have no accidents, and we can go in about 10 seconds!  So here we are a week later, we have had a few accidents, but these past few days have been great, he doesn't complain about going, he runs in, does his business and we are done.  We are down to M&M's though now, hot wheels can get pretty expensive at a $1 a shot.  So proud of my little man.

On the adoption front, our go-to region is still stalling, saying "soon."  But two regions that said heck no after the event last April have both given out a referral, so we are looking up.  Praying that some girl referrals go out so we move up the list.  Also praying that the adoption agreement is signed sometime soon also.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day! I got one Valentine home with me, the other is working, we will get our Valentine's dinner another day!

So long for now!


  1. Ahhh...glorified hot wheels! :) Way to go Camdem!!

  2. Glad to hear potty training 2.0 is going well! :) I am not looking forward to that part of parenting! ha! Hot wheels sound pretty cool... my sister used M&Ms with her boys!