Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

This has been a crazy busy year for us Densons!  It started off with myself, Denise, going back to work for 3 months covering a former co-workers maternity leave.  Little did we know the significance of this.  What we were initially going to do with the money was to make some home improvements to our home, and to invest the rest of it.  Well Jan. 4th was a day of reckoning.  I had an appointment with the WORST infertility specialist ever.  After hearing "well just get pregnant and we won't have to worry about this," for the 3rd time, and major trust issues broken with this doctor, the decision was made to adoption. 

It took us almost a month to decide on an agency and the chase was on, we were very quick with our paperwork if you ask me, applied Jan. 28th, and DTR on May 6th, little over 3 months.  All funded with the income that I made.  No home improvements were made obviously!  Then the chase was on to raise the rest of the estimated $40,000-$45,000 that we needed.  We garage saled, and then garage saled, and for Christmas we did peanut brittle, which we are still doing, we are still getting orders. 

As we near our 1 year mark, we are not as far as we hoped to be, we were initially told to expect to travel Dec. 2010 to meet our daughter, now we are looking at May 2012.  All because of an insane woman who in April almost shut down adoptions in Russia for good.  Who would of thought?  This is bittersweet for us.  Yes, we want our daughter, but we are not there financially yet.  We still have about $17,000 more to go to pay-in-full for our adoption.  We are committed to paying cash for our adoption, we will get there.  Thank you again to everyone who has donated goods for our sales, and bought peanut brittle, and also who just donated funds to us, we are extremely grateful.

Randy graduated nursing school in May, now he has to take his board exam to get a nursing job as a part-time job for his days off.  He currently works 24 hours then is off for 48.  Plus it would be a great way to pay for our adoption. 

Camden is amazing.  He is the best little boy that anyone could possibly know.  I asked him the other day if he wanted a sister.  Though he probably doesn't know what a "sister" is, he said "Yes!  I want a sister!"  It brought tears to my eyes.  He is currently 2 1/2 and as busy as ever. 

Myself, I am finally at peace, I can wait.  Though it will be hard, God is delaying us for a reason, just like not being able to get pregnant again, it is for a reason and she is in Russia.  I don't know if she is born yet, or even conceived yet, but little girl whoever you are, we are coming for you!  Rest assured, we are coming! We love you very much.



  1. Sweet post and definitely hoping that you all get your little girl home sooner rather than later. Now that I am undergoing some of those unforeseen changes to my process, it is inspiring to know how quickly and seamlessly the transition can be. :) Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! We are so grateful you have peace. That is priceless. We pray your new year will bring you so much joy and that your little girl will be safe and loved wherever she is right now.

  3. Denise, I can't wait to read your posts about going to get your little girl soon! She is going to be so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy!