Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Peanut Brittle Fundraiser!

As the holidays get closer, you think, what is a great holiday treat??? Peanut Brittle that's it! Well my husband is a master at making peanut brittle. We are selling it as a fundraiser for our adoption. All proceeds benefit our adoption. If you make a donation, we will either hand deliver or mail you a bag of peanut brittle. Please click on the donate tab at the right of our blog!


1 Bag of Peanut Brittle which contains 2 discs of Peanut Brittle $3.50
2 Bags of Peanut Brittle $6.00

Shipping, please add $2.50 per bag for shipping.
1 Bag, total donation will be $6.00
2 Bags $11.00

If you do not want to do paypal, please email me at ddenson@kc.rr.com for our address and you can send us a check for your Peanut Brittle.

If you would like to place a larger order please email and we can give a better discount on it!


  1. Hi i sent you a donation for your peanut brittle fundraiser..but forgot to add that i wanted 2 bags of brittle..lolololo..its arthur butcher i hope theres enough for shipping please let me know thanks..

  2. Hi we recieved your delicious peanut brittle..hubby says its the best he has ever tasted so ill be buying him more for sure.Please note the container you shipped it in came broken and cracked so when you ship to us please do let us know if its more for a box.thanks again i cant wait to buy more.bigg huggs from canada