Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is a busy month.

Wow, lots going on this month, on the 5th Randy had his birthday, his 35th. On June 26th Camden has his 2nd birthday. Last weekend we spent all weekend long building Camden's birthday present. A massive wooden fort swingset. It took a lot of time, but I think he is going to love it. He hasn't really gotten to play with it yet because we haven't put the pea gravel in yet, so right now it is just sand and it is a huge mess. Randy took his Nursing Boards exam today, we should find out next week if he passed, if we want to pay to see his score, if not then we have to wait a few weeks to get his results in the mail. I forgot to post that he graduated from the Nursing Program on May 26th, so he is done with school for now. After the adoption he is wanting to go back to school to get his Bachelor's in Nursing. We are going to the lake to celebrate Camden's birthday with family. I also got to get Camden enrolled in swimming lessons this year. I just got done subbing for 3 days for summer school, and of course we got church and small group! I love to be busy, it seems to make the time go by faster.

On the adoption front we got an email on Monday marking the 1 month date of our DTR (Dossier to Russia). We are just waiting on a region assignment and then we can wait on a referral. Our agency works with 9 regions in Russia, so they try to match us up with the best region for our wants and our family and then assign us there. So waiting is our game right now.

If anyone has any good fundraising ideas, please pass them along!!! Also the totals for our garage sale, ebay sales, and craigslist sales came to $2470.73! Woo Hoo!!!

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  1. Hope the wait goes swiftly. Warning!!! It's harder to wait once you know who your waiting for. Once you see their picture you just want to go go go.