Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Junkie

I admit it, Hi, my name is Denise, and I am a blog junkie. First thing in the morning after getting Camden settled down at the table with his breakfast, I head straight to the office to see what people have posted. I had never even read a blog until we decided to adopt. When we first decided to adopt I had my reservations about Russia because they weren't a Hague country. Randy lead me to a great website that is dedicated totally to blogs of people who were adopting from Russia. After reading all the success stories and talking to people who had adopted from Russia, I was hooked. I look forward to witty things that people had said and the pictures that they have put up. It gets me excited. Sometimes frustrated, when I see people get dates when I know that I am so far away from any kind of date, travel for us, but still I love to read what they are doing. Also I love to read what first time parents are going through. Since we already have a biological child I can kinda relate.

As today was the day that we returned from our awesome RV trip from last year, I will leave you with one more picture. This is Camden getting his feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. He hated it, because it was so cold!!


  1. I agree, we all are! BUT you can learn some great stuff & there are great blogs with money tips.