Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 19, 2010

We are getting closer...

To getting home study ready. We are also getting closer to getting our dossier ready. We got our first Apostille back from the state of Missouri! One week turn around, pretty good! What we are still needing for our home study is, our Child Abuse check, though they cashed the check, so it should be in the mail any day, Our KBI check, we have 2 of our 6 letters of reference back, and Randy still has to type up his autobiography. Maybe since Camden and I will be gone all weekend, he will find some time to work on it. We are scheduled for our all day seminar next Saturday, so that long day will be over soon also! Again, please just pray for us!

I have also learned that Love in Russian is Lyubof, or in Cyrillic Любовь, so for now..

Randy, Denise, and Camden

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  1. Hi Denise! Your home study is so much more intensive than ours in Texas! Doug needed some spurring to get his autobiography written as well!