Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Shots

Today after dropping Camden off at school Dasha and I headed to the doctor's office for yet another round of shots.  It seems like it is never going to end!  But we are so close, only 1 more after this one!!!!  We went in and I knew it would cause major confusion so I brought the shot schedule that her Pediatrician gave me when we set up her schedule.  We were called back and when I told the nurse what I was there for, she was very confused since Dasha is 2.5 years and with their normal schedule she should of been done at 2.  I then told the nurse what shots she needed and handed over her immunization card.  She gave me a look and said, "Well we'll see." and took the card and left. 

About 5 minutes later she came back with another nurse and she actually looked at Dasha's file and said, OHHH, IA, shot catch up!  What shots do you need?"  I pulled out the paper and showed it to her, and they checked to make sure we were good, and then they went to get the shots.

Dasha did as well as she possibly could when someone is jabbing something sharp in your skin.  She cried of course, and when she was done I was holding her trying to calm her down and they asked her if she wanted a sucker.  She cried, YESSSS! They gave her the big tootsie roll sucker, not just a little dum dum sucker like I would of liked! :-)  She got her band-aids and she was good! 

Off the gymnastics then where she proudly displayed her band-aids to the other kids who ooohed and aaahed!

On another note, last week we were walking the dog, and I stepped in a hole wrong and bit it big time on the the driveway and buggered my knee up pretty good.  Well we are having an Indian Summer right now, 82 degrees as we speak, and I put on some shorts last night, I usually wear capris, and Dasha saw my knee and she was patting my knee, saying, "sorry, mama, boo-boo bad." Then she would try to kiss my knee, which I would NOT let her do, ewwww!  She is very empathetic! 

She can now independently count to 5 and 10 with some help, and can identify red and green, can draw a circle on demand.  Plus her language is taking off!  She is doing so well.

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  1. And we blinked and that Indian Summer has ended!