Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School Starts Tomorrow

For Camden, Dasha starts on Thursday.  While I am excited about getting some time to get some stuff done around the house, and all the moms know it goes much faster without the kids, I will miss the kiddos.

Dasha had her 6 month follow-up at the Nephrologist last week, and her results went well, but unfortunately there were some comments made by the doctor that just didn't set well with me.  I shared the comments on a new Russian Moms group, which by the way if you are on FB JOIN!  Look up Russian Adoptive Moms and ask to join.  So I posted the conversation on the page to see if I was overreacting and thankfully the moms there confirmed to me that I was not, in fact my favorite comment back was "did you punch him in the face?"  So today after thinking about it a lot, I called the patient advocacy line at the hospital where we go and I didn't do it to complain per say, I called to explain the situation and asking if maybe the doctors need some training in dealing with children with international adoption backgrounds and sensitivity training.  Needless to say the woman I spoke to was APPALLED at what was said, and said she would get on top of that right away.

Dasha also went to the dentist yesterday.  Randy took her and Camden and I stayed home.  Randy told the lady about Dasha's latex glove fear and it did rear it's ugly head but the woman handled it extremely well, she gave Dasha her own glove to wear, and they played together with the gloves and they were able to polish her teeth, floss and give her a fluoride treatment.

Camden is doing very well with his new treatment that we are doing for his GI issues, his appetite has increased IMMENSELY!  Which who wouldn't be more hungry if you belly isn't full of yucky stuff?

School started yesterday for both Randy and I also, so we are going to be busy.

Hopefully Thursday after both kids have had their back to school photos I can get them posted!

Now this is the child who two months ago ran screaming from any animal who even looked at her. She loves her Aspen now!

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  1. I LOVE this photo! Aspen seems to really love Dasha...we have a dog (Golden Retriever) named Aspen in our family too!