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Our Family

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hearing Test Fail Again...

Tuesday we went back up to Children's Mercy for another hearing test.  Last Feb. we went and had Dasha's hearing tested, while she passed all the basic tests, where they put the probes in and see if the drum moves, etc, she fail the ear specific tests in her right ear.  They didn't know if it was because of her age and she was bored, or if it was a problem.

Again yesterday she passed all the drum movement tests, and again she failed her right ear specific tests.  This time though they were doing more difficult thing like, find the ice cream on a picture board, and to me with her language delay and while she understands what we say, I haven't really worked with her on, "find" skills.  So again, they don't know if it is age, language barrier, or if there really is a problem.  So we will go back one final time in November, if she fails again then they will proceed with hearing assistance for her right ear.  Hopefully it is just language, and being a toddler!

Up next, the nephrologist, and then the dentist, followed closely by the oncologist! 

On a side note, initially we were going to go back to Minneapolis for our 6 month follow-up with Dr. Howard, but after discussing with Randy with ALL the Dr. Appts. that she has already, we feel that she is being taken care of, and they wouldn't get any more information that they have not gotten at the oncologist and the nephrologist, and with all the drama that we have put her through with Dr.'s and future drama, surgery next summer, we opted that one less Dr. appt. would be just fine in our eyes.


  1. Does she follow the directions in her left ear?

    1. Yes, she isn't hearing the low tones in her right ear, they gave her 3 chances in both ears, she usually got the left within 2-3 tries, never got the right. But again, she might be like, you just told me to do this!

  2. It's so tricky trying to figure out what's going on with kids.

  3. Hopefully November will go better.