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Our Family

Monday, January 23, 2012

Results of our IA visit

Happy 200th Post!

So we got the results of Dasha's blood and stool samples today.  She tested negative for all things yucky in the stool sample, but they want us to do 2 more samples for parasites on different days because I guess parasites can be tricky that way.  We will do those through our pediatrician. 

Her blood word came back and all is well except she is Vitamin D deficient, no surprise, Calcium Deficient, again no surprise, and Iron Deficient, little surprise there.  So now she is on Vitamin D supplements, she takes 1 Tums a day for calcium, and an iron supplement twice a day until the end of March.  Then we get to go draw her blood again to see if that helped any.  Maybe that explains why she is so restless at night, she tosses and turns and moves from one end of the bed to the other all night long.  She won't stay covered up either.  Randy makes fun of me for what I dress her in at night to keep her warm.  We keep our house pretty cold anyways, but at night it goes down to 60, so I got her in the skin tight fall/spring PJ's and then I put a pair of footie PJ's on over the top of that.  But hey, she is warm in the mornings when I get her up! 

We go to our Pediatrician on Friday to start immunizations, and to get a referral so that we can go get an ultrasound of her remaining kidney.  We are going to go to Children's Mercy for that.  Hopefully I can get that scheduled on a day that Randy has off, and Camden has school.  What do you think the chances of that are!?! 

Thanks everyone who commented on my last post, I just had a horrible day was feeling sorry for myself.  I always told myself that since Camden was so easy as a baby/toddler that my next kid was going to be a lot tougher, well I was right.  :-) 


  1. So glad everything was good! I tried all afternoon to comment on the last post but my computer kept freezing and for some reason I can't view your blog on my iPad. Anyway, looks like your feeling better and you got some input :-) if we were closer I'd love to help....

  2. My angel just returned from the specialist as well! She was always cold and her Iron was ok. Ran some thryoid test and she was hypothyroid (I was dressing her exactly like you are dressing Dasha). Asked the M.D. and said it could be due to poor water or nutrition! Happy to say 3 months later and her thyroid is performing perfectly now! Just a thought..She hated the catch up immunizations as well but bloodwork was much worse!!!