Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Certificate Of Citizenship

It arrived in the mail on Friday.  The normal step next would be to send it off to get Dasha's Social Security number, but the way Randy's insurance is set up, we had 30 days from the time that the adoption was finalized to get her on his insurance, our adoption was finalized on Dec. 13th.  So when we got home he called to add her to his insurance.  They asked for her social security number, and he explained that she didn't have one yet.  So they told him that they have to have a social security number to add her and he had 30 days period or we would have to wait for open enrollment next October!  So I think we were home for 3 days and we packed the kids up and went to the Social Security office with all our paperwork.  We got an awesome lady who set up Dasha's file and said that as soon as the USCIS approved all her paperwork that we handed over at immigration she would immediately file for her number.  We got her number last week so we were in the green for insurance!  The hoops we have to jump through!  But with her kidney issue in the past we couldn't let her go without insurance.

The days are steadily getting better everyday.  The kids are playing better and better everyday, and though Randy has been gone A LOT, it is getting better on me every day also.  Some days I do have to say I am so happy that bed time comes, but every day is becoming more and more joyful.

Dasha's behavior has drastically improved also.  She still tests her limits, which any toddler will do, but when she is corrected, and is in her "time in", she quits crying after a few minutes, where as when we came home sometimes she went 15-20 minutes at a time.  Her eye contact has improved so much also during these times.  When she has a time in I cradle her in my arms and hold her close and hold her feet, she kicks, and she has to look at me.  She does not turn her head and look away any more when she is angry at me.  After every time in she has to give me a hug and a kiss and then she always has a huge grin on her face.

Her words are growing we got
Bye Bye,
Nigh, Nigh
Her version of Camden, na, nan
thank you

she signs
thank you
we are working on drink

The talking is still mostly on her terms, but knows that if she wants to get on our laps she has to say up, and she loves to go Bye, Bye!

We sit on the potty about 4 times a day, and usually make the chair play music, and sometimes we get a little extra in the potty, that is not pleasant to clean out!  She gives no indication of the #2 business, Camden was a full show of red face, grunting, so I would use the big toilet for those jobs!

Her little mug shot! Though I was not happy the mail man folded the envelope!

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  1. That doesn't look like a hard crease on the certificate. If you put it between a couple of books or frame it, it should straighten out. Congratulations. One more hoop completed.