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Our Family

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is a selfish post.  I need to get out!  I need a break.  I am sometimes alone with the kids 4-5 days straight alone and I am going crazy.  I am thinking about doing a bible study once a week which would require me to leave the kids in the nursery for 2 hours.  Camden no issue.  Dasha on the other hand, I have left her for our church service the past 2 Sundays, it's 1 hour.  She is just too restless to not be a distraction during the service.  Unfortunately she lets me know her displeasure after church all too well.  In fact today was horrendous, she screamed for almost an hour in a fit.  It was about all I could handle. She is fine for the nursery workers, it's when we get home that she let's loose.  So the question is, when did you leave your kids, babysitter, church nursery, do you even think this is a good idea? 

On a positive note, here are some fun pictures.

 She took him down!

 Don't ask, I said "Smile!"  This is what I got!
  Again, the same thing!


  1. Oliver sat with us, at church, for about his first two months home. After that it just got too hard. He hated going to nursery and would cry when we left him, but only for a few minutes. When he transitioned to the room for two year olds he was all smiles. After about six months home I started leaving him in the nursery at the gym for an hour or hour and a half. He is most always pleased with my return, or oblivious and still wanting to play.
    Let me know if I can help. Oliver and I only work part time, your kids are welcome to come play while you catch you breath and sanity.

  2. I didn't have a choice, unfortunately, a couple weeks after returning home, both my kids had to head to daycare. Thankfully, they both did well. However -- any major change to their regular schedule can be traumatic so early on. Another however -- you need your mama sanity time! Can you schedule an hour or two once a week for you? Find someone trusted to watch her? It will be hellish the first couple times, but over time it will become habit.

  3. cute smile face! Good luck with the time away, I'm horrible at giving a "time" that is ok to leave your kids. Mine are 8 and 3 and I still have a hard time leaving them :(

  4. Leaving our bio son (almost 2) in the church nursery is one of the most difficult challenges. I think it's because we only go on Sunday and he doesn't know the girls well. I'm with Trisha that our house is always open for both Dasha and Camden. Anytime you'd like to meet and do lunch or something, I'd be more than happy to help out. It would be really wonderful to help another family transition while we are waiting! Selfish posts are definitely needed from time to time. Email me if you are interested. reeves@jkreeves.com

  5. Can you find a teenager to come to your house for a couple of hours after school once or twice a week? The first couple of times you could let her play with the kids while you did other things around the house. Then once the kids are used to her, you could leave and go to the grocery store or shopping or to the library. Maybe a short time gone the first time and then stretch it out. Maybe this would get Dasha used to the idea that you WILL come back. The "fit" may be her way of releasing the fear that you wouldn't come back. She's had a lot of changes in her little life in the past 6 weeks. Even a playdate with another mother and kids would go a long way to maintaining your sanity. You're doing "double shifts" as much as Randy is.

  6. Not selfish at all, you have to have your time too! I would agree with the getting her used to the idea that you are coming back. Start off with someone just coming over to play, then leave her for short times and increase a few minutes every time. Also, for the church nursery....would it be possible to leave her for short times and lengthen time as it goes on. I know the church nursery is NOT really like the orphanage, but to a 2 year old it might seem like it and she might worry you are not coming back. It's probably a room with toys, snack, maybe beds, several kids. Is the nursery the only place she's ever really been without you (or Randy) at this point? Could you maybe have someone watch her (and maybe Camden) at the house while you are at church for a few weeks? She might feel more comfortable there and she associates the house with you so maybe she won't have as big of a fear that she is being left. That way you could still go to church and if security is the issue she could still feel secure at home.
    Kara Parker

    1. That's a good idea Kara and Denise I'm totally in if I can come over sometime and relieve you or you want to drop the kids over here or whatever just let me know. That is so hard going so long without someone to relieve you!