Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 14, 2011

What a week

As I stated in my last post we have been waiting on our home study agency to finish up some paper work for our new agency.  I was supposed to have them by last Monday.  Then I was supposed to have them today. Now I am not going to get them until Tuesday.  All because someone didn't read the directions.  I was cc:ed in the email that went to our home study agency and I read everything that they were suppose to do, they were not difficult. Our agency sent the templates and all they had to do was to fill in their information.  There was also 1 specific instruction on EACH form, the Executive Director has to sign each form, not the social worker.  Well each form was filled out for the Social Worker to sign.  When that was brought to our home studies attention by Agency B when they checked everything a nasty email was sent back to Agency B, from the social worker, that those instructions needed to be clarified better in the instructions.  Each template for the signature portion, it said specifically Executive Director.  In the instructions, it said Executive Director.  I don't know how much more specific it could of gotten.  So each form had to be changed from her name to his.  Not too bad right, well then she let us know that the Executive Director is on vacation until next Tuesday.  So I can't have my stuff until then.  Now I have had all my stuff done for almost a week, and that's after spending HOURS on the phone trying to find a CPA, etc.  All they had to do was copy and paste and fill someones name in.  Hmmmm.....I really wish our first home study agency hadn't been put on the blacklist.  I might switch back to them for the post-placements, we will see.

So on Tuesday, I will be in their office bright and early and I will sit and wait until they hand me my papers, and after I double check each one, then I will be off to Topeka, getting them Appostiled, and then overnighting them to California.  Whew!  Hopefully I will have good news for you next week! :-)

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  1. We had the same thing happen multiple times with various people during our process as well. It is plainly written on the instructions and yet no one reads them. Just brings me back to my school teaching days when 8th graders didn't read them either!