Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Randy and I did today!

Well first we dropped Camden off at school, and then we headed over to the bank to get all 34 documents of our notarized.  That took about an hour, the poor notary didn't know what she was getting herself into!  Then we went home to continue on the quest for a CPA and a psychologist.  Since we are not real estate developers, or hold large assets, we have never used an accountant, or CPA.  We do our taxes ourselves.  So this is how our conversations went with the CPA's.

Randy or Me: Hi...(explain what we need here)...Can you help us?
CPA: Are you a current customer?
Us: No
CPA: Sorry, we can't.
CPA: Sorry it is not legal for us to sign that without a full audit of our assets.
Us: Well how much is an audit?
CPA: You don't want to know.
Us: Why do you need to do an audit?
CPA: So we can't get sued.
Us: Really? Who's going to sue you? Russia?

End of Conversation...

FINALLY, I put out a word of help on Facebook, and a friend of mine had a friend that is a CPA, I called her, explained what we needed, she hesitated, I stated I can email you the form, she said ok she would look at it.  Finally she emailed back, and said YES!!!!!  Wahoo!!!!!!!!

Hope we don't have to redo that document again!

Now on to Psychologists:

Randy:: Hi.....(explain what we need)... Can you help us?
Psy: You mean you DON"T want a diagnosis?
Randy: Exactly, we want you to say we are NOT crazy.
Psy: Sorry, I can't bill your insurance if you don't receive a diagnosis.
Psy: Blah, Blah, Blah

Finally we found one who will do it!  Insurance SAYS they will cover it, supposedly with a $25 co-pay for each of us.  We will see!

All together this took right around 5 hours, and at least 30-40 phone calls.  Never have I seen more people Unwilling to help someone adopt.  The funny thing though is that almost all the calls ended with Good Luck on your adoption!


  1. There need to be people that specialize in this. Like an IA doctor. We need adoption CPAs and Shrinks. People that understand what we are going through and say YES at the first phone call.

  2. Yikes... so glad I'm done. Keep on truckin'!!!! It will be worth it!!!!

  3. Maybe I can help you feel just a tiny bit better. I have worked for a small CPA firm for 20 years and they would not sign off on my financial statement either. I ended up going to a co-worker that was not a partner of the firm and got him to sign it. I do not feel the least bit bad that I retired last week. We leave Saturday to bring home our little girl.