Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Friday, the 12th, we got an email stating that our dossier was being sent to Kemerovo to be registered with the MOE, (Ministry of Education).  Supposedly this is suppose to mean that the region has a referral that meets our requirements and wants.  This is just confusing since on Wednesday during the conference call I was told not to expect anything anytime soon.  So we are NOT getting our hopes up.  Though we did check out flight information for there.  EXPENSIVE!!!  They are about $500 per ticket more than they are for the region that we got the initial referral from.  Which means we need to add to our budget for these added costs. 

In other good news, Randy who was working PRN at a local hospital was offered a full-time position with the hospital, so my husband who is amazing anyway, is now embarking on 2 full-time jobs!  In order to go to CRNA school he has to work full time as a nurse for 2 years, he was going to do this after the adoption, but nursing jobs are so scarce here in KC that he just had to take it.  We won't be seeing Randy very much between the fire department and the hospital, but it will all be worth it in the end so that he gets to accomplish his goal!

Have a blessed Weekend!


  1. It is pricey to fly half way across the globe, and there are only two airlines flying from Moscow to Kemerovo...$$$ Sometimes a travel agent can get you a better deal on that leg of the trip than you can see on the website.
    I hear you about misleading information. We were going through a rough patch of paperwork not being correct and things needing to be fixed and then the next day she calls and says it's time to go to court. Okay? They put the hoops down, I say how high.
    Congrats again about being assigned a region I pray it means a photo shows up in your inbox shortly!

  2. Oh how familiar this sounds!! We were told one week that it would be about 3-6 months before we received a referral. Two days later they called us and told us they had a referral for us....a little boy only 10 months old. We were floored. Praying that your news comes soon!!!