Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shuffling our feet along

I am thankful that we get emails every week so that we know the process of our adoption in reference to others, for example there have been 3 court dates in the last 3 weeks! Yeah!!! But then there is discouraging news, families having a referral for 4 weeks but not accepting or rejecting yet, that is a long time. Or taking 5 months to complete your Dossier 2, again that just seems like a really long time to me. If it was me I would be busting my butt to get our Dossier 2 done. I plan on having 90% of it done before we go on trip 1 and then take care of the medicals and such when we get back, etc. But, we are slowly but surely getting there. I pray our day comes soon!

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  1. Slow and steady. :) You guys are getting news and nearing the phone call. The regions still processing singles seem to move slower but it seems many others are steadily getting referrals. I would love to be in "faster" regions or at least have that option; but, at the same time, I like the fact that I will be somewhat off the beaten path. My daughter will hopefully be as quirky and unique as her mama. :) Definitely praying you all have a smooth wait and good news sooner rather than later!