Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Our referral funds anyway. Back in July or August I stated that we needed around $5000 more for our referral fee, well we have hit that mark! Mostly through the hard work of my husband. He has been working his tail off, and losing weight in the process. :-) Now our next goal, trip 1 costs. We are estimating around $5,000 for that cost also. This might take us a little longer to reach because the new cadets have graduated from the fire academy and overtime is over for Randy, so now it is just slowly grinding away dollar by dollar. We still have a grant application out there that hopefully we might be rewarded, but we won't find out until December. We have 3 months before we have to start updating documents, no fun there and 4 months till we have to update our home study. Hard to believe we are almost 9 months into this process.

Please pray that we get this grant, it would be an answered prayer for so many reasons!!!
Also, Camden's new room is almost done so pictures will be up very soon!

For now,
Randy, Denise, and Camden


  1. That's great news, Denise! We'll continue to keep your family and situation in our prayers.
    The Damrons

  2. many prayers for your family! I sure hope you can get your referral soon and get this moving!!!

  3. Yeah! Every bit helps! Praying that you will be registered somewhere soon!