Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I really need some ideas. We were not granted our top choice grant application, we chose them to go with first because they did not have a preference over having a child. All the other ones that I have found that we "qualify" for give preference to people without children. I see pros and con's with that philosophy. Yes, they want people who don't have children to get their first child ever. But those of us with children, they are EXPENSIVE!!! So less money to go to saving for our adoption. Anyway, I am NOT going to be negative, I will just keep filling out grant applications till my hand falls off. What I need are ideas though.

I need ideas on how to raise money without asking people for money! I know, I just contradicted myself there. With Randy working overtime, it is awesome, but Camden and I never get to see him. Luckily the school year is starting up again, so I will be able to sub on days that Randy is home, but they cut our sub pay down $20 a day, which is a chunk. We will do another garage sale in late September, but we still need ideas.

If you have an inventive idea on how to raise money I would appreciate your ideas. Our church is not big on fundraisers, so that is out of the running for ideas. No spaghetti dinners for us! If you have an inventive idea I would really appreciate your input! Thanks so much.


P.S. On the positive, our agency gave out several trip dates and court dates last week, so thing are looking up for our agency. There are still many in front of us though, so we will see.


  1. Hi Denise,

    I might have a grant idea for you. I live in KC and have adopted 2 from Russia. Please email me at julie2025@live.com.


  2. Hey there! Timely post! I just received an e-mail from a friend who had a couple ideas for us, but I feel like we are already doing a few fundraisers, and more would be overkill... but, the few she suggested would not make people spend more money...just change where they are spending it. E-mail me (I can't find yoru e-mail address) sonflowerjax@comcast.net and I'll forward you the info! :)

  3. We also didn't want to ask for money so we have found it helpful to have a strict budget where we save receipts and write everything down, when we run out of money in that column we don't spend anymore that month. Also like you said kids are expensive so we have already budgeted our future child into the budget. The amount of money we think it will cost for their clothes, food, day care, medical costs, insurance, etc goes right into our adoption fund. I'm a nurse so I have access to overtime as well, since we budget based on my base salary any time I work overtime or holiday it goes right into our adoption fund. It isn't always fun but we are told it will be worth it in the end. Good Luck!! Rachel